Why 混凝土 铺平道路 is the Best Choice

混凝土 pavements have been a mainstay of America’s infrastructure for more than 50 years. The country’s first concrete street, 建于Bellefontaine, 俄亥俄州, in 1891, 今天还在使用吗. 此外, these long-lasting pavements are not confined to one region of North America, nor to a specific type of environment or climate. 混凝土 can handle the freezing winters of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to the scorching heat of the Southwest.

While concrete pavements are best known as the riding surface for interstate highways, 混凝土是一种耐久的, economical and sustainable solution for state highways, 农村道路, 住宅及城市街道, 十字路口, 飞机跑道, 联运设施, 军事基地, 停车场, 和更多的.

Regardless of the type of roadway or current pavement conditions, there is a concrete solution. 混凝土 can be used for new pavements, reconstruction, resurfacing, restoration, or rehabilitation. View or download a fact sheet on Integrated 铺平道路 Solutions.


  • 寿命长 - 混凝土 pavements have an average service life of 30 to 50 years.
  • Low 维护 requirements and costs - No need for repeated resurfacing, frequent spot repairs or patching.
  • 顺畅的交通流 - The construction of concrete pavements does not require lengthy lane closures. 
  • 快速重新开放 - Roads can be reopened in as short as six hours.
  • 较低的生命周期成本 -消耗最少的材料, 能源, and other resources for construction, 维护, and rehabilitation activities throughout its service life.
  • 安全 - Less susceptible to the formation of heavy-vehicle wheel ruts; easier to see at night; ensures shorter vehicle stopping distances in wet weather; due to longevity, there are fewer work zones over the life of the pavement.